Sue was with me every step of the way. I cannot express how her presence, guidance, and strength enabled me to get through this experience. She was capable, firm, and a constant source of reassurance. Even once my son was born she remained through the resolution of some early complications, and ensured that he and I were both stable before leaving my side. 

KAyti & Jim Oliver

Having a Doula’s support was very helpful and comforting. Often when you’re in the hospital, doctors can’t make time to explain everything that’s going on. Having Sue there helped me feel at ease. Having a baby can be very stressful, but knowing someone is there to keep you calm and support you is encouraging. 


I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Susan Balaz, the doula for the birth of my son, earlier this year. I felt and instant connection with Susan, and knew that I wished to have her support throughout my labour, pregnancy, and delivery. As first time parents my husband and I did not know what to expect, but Susan put our minds at ease from our very first meeting. A professional, knowledgable, reliable, and kind-hearted individual, Susan was provided us with the resources, information, and confidence to undergo and hypnobirth. From our pre-natal consult to beyond our post-natal visits, she was available to chat whenever I needed. 

From the moment she arrived at the hospital, Susan provided constant physical and emotional support. I could not have had a successful hypnobirth without her. She was there to lift me up in emotional and sometimes even physical ways. 

The entire birth experience, from labour to delivery, is nerve-wracking enough as first time parents. When you add the difficulty of communicating your wishes to medical personnel, the experience becomes even more intimidating. However, I was blessed and grateful to have Susan by my side, and with her advise and reassuring nature I was to communicate my wishes successfully and have the birth I so desired. 

Susan’s personable and approachable character made me feel calm, cool, and collected throughout the entire labour and delivery experience. If you are interested in hiring a doula, I would recommend Susan in a heartbeat.