How Are You Different From a Midwife?

So, you are pregnant, excited and have just announced your joy to your family and friends.  One of the first questions you might be considering is should you have an OB or a midwife at your birth.  Perhaps you have a friend who has used a doula for their birth and you might ask...How is a doula different from a midwife?

Here are some of the differences between a doula and a midwife and how I, as your doula, can benefit you:

1.  Doulas Get to Know You & Your Partner. You have asked me to attend to you and support you through one of the most intimate experiences of your life.  I will take the time to get to know both you and your partner.  I will find out your wishes for your birth, I will learn how you and your partner communicate and work together in everyday life.  I will listen to you and answer your questions.  I will help your partner learn how to be the best support system for you not only at your birth but through your pregnancy as well.

2. Doulas Provide Continuous Care. During your pregnancy I will be available for you when ever a question comes up.  There is no such thing as a silly question; after all, this is your first go around at being pregnant.  As your birth doula, I am only a phone call, text or email away from answering your questions. As you approach your big moment I am available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 2 weeks before your estimated due date.  Once I join you in labour, I offer continuous support to both you and your partner for your entire labour.  I don’t have a shift that ends at a certain time.  Unlike your midwife, who may have other clients on the birthing unit at the same time as you – you are my only client and I will stay by your side.  Combined with the support of your partner, you will have one rocking team by your side as your cheerleaders and comfort provider until you meet your baby.

3. No Medical Stuff. The biggest difference between a Midwife and Doula is…I don’t do any of the medical stuff.  Doula’s do NOT do blood pressure checks, fetal heart rate monitoring, cervical checks for dilation, IVs, order medication or administer it.  We know about all of the process and can provide you with the information to make informed decisions when the time comes.  Doulas most definitely do NOT deliver your baby…that is why you have a Midwife as your medical care provider.

4. Doulas Stay With You After Your Birth. Unlike your midwife, who may have other clients birthing at the same time and may have to leave to attend to them, my support doesn’t end once your baby has been welcomed to the outside world.  On the contrary – I will stay with you at the hospital for a few hours post-birth.  I will guide you through your first attempt at breast feeding. I will go with you when you are transferred to your room.  I will make sure all of your things go with you.  I will help you settle in with your new little love.  And once you and your partner are settled in, your babe is safely tucked in doing skin to skin, I will leave you to bask in the glow and enormity of being a new parent.

Now that you know how a Doula is different from a Midwife and how I can support you as your birth doula…reach out and contact me to set up your free consultation to find out if I am the right fit for you and your partner.